Here you will find two works of ui ux design that I have been following lately. For the first I designed everything on Illustrator, while for the second project I used Figma, so I prototyped all the features of the site.
I landed on ui ux design only a short time ago, so it presents itself to me as a new but definitely interesting world.
Ui Ux Design
Secret Client no.2
    Client: Confidential
    Year: 2023
Concept and art direction: Agenzia Abbastanza Ostile
Graphic Design: Martina Melandri

Ice cream shop FantasyClient: Fantasy
Year: 2023

- In collab with CocaiExpress.

The ice cream shop in question didn’t want a rebranding service, but required support on the social side (which you can see here) and the creation of a landing page. 
The brand has obviously been revisited, but the previous aesthetic guidelines have been followed and the brand has been maintained.