Here you can find those projects that do not belong to a specific graphic category. Some are more cultural philosophical, while others are purely commercial.
SupportiamoLE //UNI project
Year: 2022
SupportiamoLE is a visual design project born from the union of an object, the hanger, a writer, Colette, and a subject: women cyclists.
A design was created that could make women feel, as cyclists, fully integrated in sport, offering positive examples of collaboration between the two genres.

Claudine celebrates the ideal of woman by abandoning the constructs of the twenties to give rise to the image of the provocative and uninhibited schoolgirl, who over time has helped to strengthen the female imagination with the emblematic Claudine collar.

The hanger conveys a strong value linked to its metaphorical meaning of supporting, understood as supporting an initiative or a cause, siding in favor of an idea/project, which creates involvement and emotional link with social purpose.


We have created a symbol that combines the shape of the hanger with that of a bicycle.
The design choice of this recalls the idea of supporting: metaphorically supports the social cause and really supports any type of garment, female or male. 
In addition to its figurative appeal to the bicycle, it is linked to sport thanks to its dynamic shape.

The best symbol to represent the deep sense of inclusion is that of a garment that is often worn, but does not feel on because it is now an integral part of the dress itself. The collar is woman and man as it is affixed in both men’s shirt and women’s clothing. A timeless and gender-free component. Like cycling, a sport for everyone, indistinctly.- Click the images to zoom!